Talent in The Experience Economy – Creating Cultural Shift Through HR Technology

In this session, we asked about candidate experience and what can be done to improve this. Yazad specifically focused on the role technology upholds in making this shift, and how it can be used to greatly enhance the candidate experience.

You often hear about employee experience, but what about candidate experience? As a greater emphasis is increaingly being placed on this, having technology in place that facilitates and guides them through the process will leave candidates feeling positive about their experience and your brand. This can be in the form of allowing candidates to select their interview times online, to track their application, and so forth. Selecting the right technology can be difficult with a multitude of options out there – so, how do you choose the right tech for you? And perhaps even more importantly, how do you measure the success of this decision?

Watch the video below to gain richer insights on these topics!

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