[Webinar] Advertising to Today’s Jobseekers: Getting Started with Recruitment Marketing

We live in a rapidly evolving time which can be overwhelming when considering how to acquire the top talent. The good news is: it is possible to develop your recruitment marketing in a way that increases your long-term success.

Jobseeker behaviour is changing and it is imperative to stay on top of these changes and be aware, adapting your recruitment marketing accordingly. In this webinar, we considered the main principles behind a strong marketing campaign and how you can implement this with ease. Through employing these key strategies, it is possible to drastically boost engagement and get people talking about your brand. Change can be scary, but when harnessed in the correct way- you will come out on top!

Watch our webinar with nthuse where we explore the steps organisations can take to have excellent recruitment marketing, including the best tech to use, top marketing tips and how to build leverage on employer branding.

Speaker: Glenn Jones, Head of Product at nthuse.

Click on the video below to view the webinar recording. Enjoy!

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